• Recruitment
  • Fine chemical additives products research and analysis,
    laboratory personnel (4-6)

       Requirements: Chemical specialty basic knowledge (familiar with surfactants applied knowledge is preferred), with strong professional literature retrieval and foreign languge reading ability and practical ability, the responsibility, strong, attitude.teamwork work, good at thinking, creativity, like business. An analytical, laboratory experience, work conscientiously, meticulous person can apply for analysis jobs. The job that pursues to replace imported products formula screening and optimization, the products are not present in any harmful to human body composition. Interview qualified, monthly salary in 1500 yuan, plus bonus. Has obvious advantages of the deparment.

    Marketing staff (3-4 )

      Requirements: mental outlook is good, high comprehensive quality, and language communication and expression ability, ability to learn, good psychological quality good, good at high-end fine chemical fertilizer market sale. Interview qualified, minimum-salary in 1,200 yuan plus sales commission and bonuses.