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         Outwardly, surfactants in industrial chemical promoter application research is formula screening process.A product often with "conventional" fixed composition offer application conditions differ in thousands ways of customers,often resulted in that performance did not reach the intended target.The market was no point of the product selection,users can barely or impotent accept, thus product cost performance significantly reduced.After years of market exploration and clients information feedback.We have established a set for different regions and different production process users "one to one" service features system.First in-depth understanding of customers' specific application process parameters,then in the LABS of simulated industrial condition experiment,determine focalized product formula, then the original product recipe composition for fine-tuning,and to provide customers try his hand at a confirmation by the contract for supply.In the process of use of the product we will continuously follow up and constantly improve the performance of our products,in order to maximum satisfy customer's requirements.

         The company put forward products using condition difference service plan,by theprocess of sampling - test sample-research-product to provide specialization personality service.We ensure technical engineers will be comprehensive understanding and record customer location, regional water quality, using temperature of the products, environment of the production operation, performance requirements,and the timely sampling take back our test lab for analysis,provides tailor-made best cost-effective products.