• R & D strengths


    Xiurong Yu:
     Graduated from shandong university, master degree.Mainly engaged in the application of surfactants, especially rich experience in the field of metal anti-rust and the cutting fluid,  has published many articles on authority Journal of the domestic of Applied Chemistry of China. In our company ,he engaged in research and development of surfactant in metal processing, application of surfactant head of Applied Research Laboratory .



       Shaofang Wang:
    Graduated from Harbin industrial university and got her bachelor degree of applied chemistry. She has worked at well-known chemistry research organization in our country. She has been engaged in applied research of fine chemistry complex addictive in industry and agriculture. At present, she is mainly in charge of increasing viscosity and efficiency of pesticide, and researching mineral oil emulsification.


    Wenkui Sun:
    Graduated from southwest university of petroleum, applied chemistry major, and obtained a bachelor's degree. He has been committed to the research and application of low foam alkali-resistant surfactant. now in our  company he mainly engaged in application research work about low foam resisting high alkali surfactants (including textile resistance alkali).Now he is the head in my company ‘s product research and development laboratories.

    Yanni Ma:
    Graduated from Jilin university, bachelor's degree. Engaged in r&d and configuration of industrial detergent, has accumulated rich experience. And apply two patents practical technology. Current my company product research and development laboratories person-in-charge.

      Lihua Wu:  
     Gaduated from taiyuan university of technology, majored inindustrial analysis during the university. bachelor's degree. Once worked in shanxi institute of coal chemistry,Chinese academy of sciences. engaged in sample analysis and detection for many years, has the rich analytical testing experience. Current she is the related personnel of samples analysis laboratory of my company.